Journey Through The Decacast

Journey Through The Decacast Cast 13 - Kuuga 45-49

Episode Notes

Here it is, the end of Kuuga (barring a little unpacking on a future episode). There was a guest editor on this one, who left these notes:

"First two tracks definitely from the show, possibly from the Kamen Rider Kuuga OST? I wish I had more detailed credits for these given that they MIGHT just be show rips - I could not find a tracklisting for any CD release that had these names in any form, especially since the set I had referred to a 2CD edition and the only one of those I found was mostly vocal tracks.

Intro: "Densetsu"
Ep 45 discussion BGM: "Sekai"
Outro: "Life's What You Make It (Video Edit)", Talk Talk"